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Guilds at graze

For a number of years now, the graze tech team has had guilds which were inspired by the Spotify guild model. Here is some information on what guilds are and how we use them.

What is a guild? A group of people with a common interest, purpose or mission. They don't need to work on the same team.

What does a guild do? They are on a spectrum which ranges from guilds that are about sharing and discussion to guilds that are about action and delivery.

How are guilds organised? Each guild has a coordinator. Beyond that, organisation is up to each guild. Common practice is to have a regular meeting arranged by the coordinator with a shared agenda. Each guild has a Slack channel to talk about things in between the official meetings.

Who can join a guild? The guild decides its membership. Most are open, but some aren’t.

How do guilds get stuff done? Depends on the guild. Generally either the coordinator is able to own actions or the guild collectively gets things done.

What if a guild is no longer relevant? Guilds are free to disband if they feel they are no longer serving a useful purpose. Alternatively they can change their purpose, split into multiple guilds, merge with other guilds or variations thereof. The only thing needed is consensus amongst the members of the guild(s) involved.

What guilds are there?

  • APIs & Services Guild
  • DevOps & Cloud Guild
  • Architecture Guild
  • Front End Guild
  • Open Source Guild
  • Magento Guild

Who can start a guild? Anyone! Find an interested group of people, establish a purpose/mission and go for it!