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Codebar: June 2019

On 11th June we hosted our 4th workshop.

On 11th June we hosted our 4th codebar workshop. codebar is a non-profit initiative with the important goal of increasing diversity in the tech industry.

Our goal is to enable underrepresented people to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment and expand their career opportunities. To achieve this we run free regular workshops, regular one-off events and try to create opportunities for our students making technology and coding more accessible.

The evening started off with pizza and drinks. After that everyone split off into coach and student pairs to work together for two hours. codebar offer a couple of coach and student spots for the hosting organisation. Today we had two graze coaches and two students.

IMG 3362

IMG 3363

IMG 3364

Finally, at the end of the evening when the our guests had gone, the grazers who took part in the workshop and organisation had some well deserved food and drink.

IMG 3365

We received positive feedback from the students and coaches who came along as well as those from graze who had not done this before. codebar host events all over the country, so if you’re interested in learning to code or are experienced and wish to coach others you can sign up on the codebar website.