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My first week at graze

Hi, I’m Scott and I am the technical lead for operations here at graze. My role involves developing and maintaining the systems that run our factory, warehouse and deliveries. Before joining graze I have worked at a variety of start ups, scale ups and SMEs.

Application and Interview

When I first applied at graze, I was tentatively looking for a new role, but had not fully made the decision to move on. After completing the interview process, I was in no doubt at all!

I applied to graze through a recruiter and quickly received an initial phone call with Andy, graze’s head of tech. We discussed my experience at previous companies and what the role at graze would involve. I was immediately impressed with the description of the role, with much more focus on solving business problems than working with specific languages or frameworks.

Following this call I received a task to be completed before the face to face interview. It involved an assessment of a part of the existing graze system, from both an architecture and code level point of view. This was a great challenge and gave an early insight into the existing system.

There was then a face to face interview at the graze head office in Richmond. The office is in a prime location, right on the riverfront and with a bright coloured decor. There is a lot of history on the walls showing previous boxes, current product range and photos from socials. It is a very welcoming environment. I had a tour of the office at the end of the interview and it was great to see this atmosphere continue throughout the space.

The first part of the face to face interview was to present the task to two of the heads of tech within the business. This gave a very positive start to the interview, as the task had been sent in advance so I had a good amount of time to prepare. We then discussed tech and leadership experience.

There was then a peer interview with the existing ops tech team. It was a great opportunity to meet the talented and motivated people I would hopefully be working with, and was a huge positive impact.

I was already motivated and excited by the people, projects and environment that I had seen and I eagerly awaited the news of an offer, which I was very happy to accept.

Before the first week!

Even before starting at graze, I felt like a part of the business. I have never known a company to make new starters feel so welcome. There were already two social activities in my calendar and I’d met up with Andy for lunch a week before starting. This made settling into the role really easy and I couldn’t wait for day one!

The First Week

On day one, I arrived at my desk to find a crate full of graze snacks, merch and my laptop. I was re-introduced to the team, since I had met most of them during the interview process and had another tour of the office. We also had a “snackademy” presentation which was a deep dive into one aspect of the tech. I was learning a lot from the start.

By lunchtime I had my dev environment set up. This was super easy with the use of docker. I then had some time to explore the systems and ask questions.

The first project I was involved in affected a lot of different areas of the business, so this was a great opportunity to meet people from these areas. The first week was split between tasks to familiarise myself with the existing software, and meeting the business stakeholders for the various aspects of the system.

Everyone here has been really approachable and is always happy to help. It makes settling in really easy, and creates a great atmosphere for sharing knowledge and learning new skills.

Before I realised, Monday had become Friday and we spent the afternoon on hacker projects and Friday drinks trolley. Great end to the first week of my new job.