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Codebar: August 2019

On 13th August we hosted our 5th workshop.

On 13th August we hosted our 5th codebar workshop. The previous codebar post explains some of what codebar is.

This one was special for me as it was the first codebar workshop I was attending in my new capacity as the latest member of the organisation team for the the West London chapter of codebar. I have been taking part in codebar as a coach since I first encountered it in 2015 (at graze). While hosting codebar at graze in June I asked if there was anything more I could do to help out as I believe strongly in codebar's mission of helping people underrepresented in the tech industry. After some discussion with the existing organisers, they offered me an organiser position. I'm looking forward to a playing a greater part in codebar in the future.

But enough about that. Here are some pictures of coaches and students hard at work.

IMG 3698

IMG 3699

IMG 3700