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Life in the graze labs data team

I am the newest member of the data team, which is currently five people strong. Coming from a large retailer, being part of such a small team has been a really interesting experience. You get to know your fellow team members really well and have opportunities to learn from them. For example, even though I am an analyst, I am learning a lot about data engineering - as I sit next to several engineers.

Working at a smaller company, you quickly realise you don't always have all the data you need, and it becomes your job to find it. I really enjoy this process as I have to weigh up the pros and cons of each approach and build the whole data pipeline. It has been a great learning experience as just last week I learned how to collect data via an API and manipulate JSON strings in Python – things which are completely new to me.

As data at graze is still rapidly evolving, there is a lot of scope to build upon what we have. This means that I have the opportunity to contribute my own ideas and build new solutions. For example, I am currently introducing statistical A/B testing to improve our approach to analysing promotions in stores. I really enjoy these types of projects as it's clear to see you made an impact.

Overall, my first few months at graze have been really positive. I've gotten to know the team well and had the opportunity to pick up new skills in areas outside my field. Best of all, I get two free snack boxes a week!