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My first week at graze

Hello, I'm Tyron. I am a Frontend Developer at graze.

Originally from South Africa, I moved to the UK in 2015. I am a self-taught Frontend Developer with a background in Graphic and Web Design. I have worked as a Frontend Developer in various industries such as travel, finance and publishing. I enjoy working with frameworks such as ReactJS and GatsbyJS.

The Application and Interview Process

I applied for the Frontend Developer position which graze was advertising online. James, the Head of Engineering at graze, reached out to arrange an introductory call, in which we spoke about the role and more about the interview process. I was then sent over a coding challenge where I was asked to build a responsive scrollable carousel that pulls in data from an API. I built the carousel using ReactJS as I was interested in learning more about React and using the newer features of React such as hooks.

After submitting my challenge I received an email inviting me to the beautiful graze office in Richmond to proceed with the next stage of the interview to discuss the role and the coding challenge.

The interview itself was comprised of some technical questions but was mainly focused on the cultural-fit at graze. I met with some of the senior tech members which made me feel at ease during my interview and I learnt a lot about the company, who they are looking for and their future goals.

I was contacted later that week informing me of a successful interview and that I was being offered the frontend position at graze.

My first week at graze

On my first day, I was welcomed with a MacBook Pro and a range of graze snacks and goodies (headphones, a hoodie, bag and water bottle) waiting on my desk.

Welcome goodies

During my first week, everyone was very friendly and helpful. I was shown around the office and throughout the week introduced to the various teams within tech to learn more about what each team focuses on.

After familiarising myself with the codebase I was tasked to build a new instant search component using ReactJS which is now live on the site, whilst also helping out with updating translation documents for our recent launch in the Netherlands.

My first week has been exciting, being able to work on new and fun features. I look forward to what lies ahead during an exciting time as graze launches new products into Europe, knowing my work is appreciated and feedback is valued.