Who we are and what we do

In 2008, graze.com started making and sending healthy snacks direct to the consumer through the UK post. At the time, there were very few platforms to help us with such a novel idea, so we built our own: from factory machines and systems, to a subscription website and data warehouse. Technology and data have always been important in driving our success, and were vital in more recent launches into retail and Europe.

We were acquired by Unilever in 2019, who immediately recognised the wider potential of our capabilities. They’ve backed us to set up graze labs, taking our technology and expertise into new areas of the organisation. We’re aiming to bring different solutions and a different way of thinking to the organisation, initially focusing on data, e-commerce and fulfilment.

You can find out more about graze Labs in this blog post.

our team

Matt Butterworth

Managing Director

Andy Worsley


David Mills

Head of Data

James Weaver

Head of Engineering

Ahmed Soliman

Head of IT

Jason Malone

Head of DTC

Scott Culcheth

Technical Lead (Operations)

Burhan Ali

Senior Software Engineer

Tyron Wytrykowski

Frontend Developer

Ferhan Janjua

Data Analyst

Edward Dighe

Data Analyst

Andrew Brady

Desktop Support Engineer

Harrison Irvine

IT Engineer

Sammy Abukmeil

Backend Engineer

Mike Cramer

Tech Lead - Web

Todd de Quincey

Data Engineer